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CDC Bootloader on (Dealextreme) Teensy

The bootloader provided by Dealextreme in Teensy boards is not compatible with Teensy Loader (At least the boards I have with loader 1.06).
In order to have a better (non-proprietary) bootloader we can choose from three provided by LUFA:
  • CDC Class, AVR109 protocol compatible (AVRDude)
  • DFU Class, Atmel DFU protocol compatible (Atmel FLIPdfu-programmer)
  • HID Class, with an included custom cross-platform loader application (Teensy Loader compatible???)
From an Arduino point of view, CDC is the best choice now, but DFU procedure is similar.
I’ve used an avrdragon with avrdude. Here is the connection between Teensy and avrdragon ISP connector:
And now the software part:
F_CPU = 16000000
  • make
  • WOW!!! We have BootloaderCDC.hex
  • upload
sudo avrdude -v -pusb162 -cdragon_isp -Pusb -Uflash:w:BootloaderCDC.hex
Using ‘lsusb’ you should see something like:
Bus 003 Device 004: ID 03eb:204a Atmel Corp. LUFA CDC Class Bootloader
Now we can upload code using CDC bootloader:
sudo avrdude -v -pusb162 -cavr109 -P/dev/ttyACM0 -Uflash:w:blink.hex
Due to reset circuit on Teensy 1.0 you must repower the board in order to launch the uploaded app (reset button always enters to bootloader mode).

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2 thoughts on “CDC Bootloader on (Dealextreme) Teensy

  1. Hi! I have done your way to charge it using an Arduino as ISP but it gives me this error:
    Yikes! Invalid device signature.
    I use “avrdude -p usb1286 -P /dev/ttyUSB0 -c avrisp -U flash:w:BootloaderCDC.hex” in Terminal (Linux). Could you please help me? Thanks in advanced

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