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MPR121 capacitive keyboard with Arduino Mega

UPDATE (October, 1st 2012)!!! We’ve moved to www.openpipe.cc.

I’ve got some MPR121 breakout boards from SparkFun in order to test latency and play a bit with this IC.

The setup is quite simple: eight drawing pins on a breadboard connected to the MPR121 breakout.

Then connect power and I2C signals to Arduino Mega. Be sure power is 3.3V because MPR121 is not a 5V IC.

I’ve attached a 16 Ohm speaker to PWM output (PIN 9 lower, PIN10 higher).

And here is the result.

And here is the code: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/196184/mpr121.zip. Use at your own risk 😉

Code is based on:


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